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About Us

Air Freight

Air Freight is an essential service provided by Titan Tech Logistics that allows businesses to transport their goods by air.

Sea Freight

We provide service of shipment of goods via cargo ships, which can carry a wide range of products, from raw materials to finished goods.

Road Transport

This mode of transportation involves the use of trucks and other heavy vehicles to transport goods on roads and highways.
You can also find our Warehousing Solution to logistics around the world
Welcome to Titan Tech Logistics

About Us

TITAN TECH LOGISTICS is a multi-disciplined logistics company offering a variety of services across the entire supply chain process with its dedicated and motivated staff having decades’ years of experience in the Logistics & Freight Forwarding Industry.

We have embarked on a series of courtesy extension plans through the form Start-ups & Joint Venture Partnerships, we as an organization have to meet the requirement of our esteemed customers while maintaining our commitment to services offered.

We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of our clients, including air freight, sea freight, land transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution. Whether you need to ship small parcels or large cargo, our team can handle it all.

About Us
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Replenishment and Picking

Replenishment and Picking includes receiving shipments and place at appropriate locations.

Warehousing Operation

It includes verifying the quantity and quality of goods, and place to the appropriate area.

Packaging and Distribution

It involves the packing of goods for shipment, protecting from damage during transportation.

Transportation Process

It involves the movement of goods from one location to another using air, sea, rail, and road.

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