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Sea Freight

Sea Freight Service

TITAN TECH LOGISTICS provides customized Ocean Freight services tailored to our customers needs. Through a strong network of connections with sea carriers we can deliver a cost-efficient and reliable ocean freight services.

Low Cost

The cost of Sea Freight transportation is influenced by several factors, including the weight and volume of the cargo, the distance between the origin and destination ports, the route and shipping lines used, and any applicable customs duties or tariffs. We help clients optimize their Sea Freight transportation by advising on the most efficient routes, selecting the most suitable shipping lines, and navigating any customs procedures or regulations.

Sea Freight Services

Full Container Load – (FCL)
Less than Container Load – (LCL)
Sea freight Door to Door
Sea freight Port to Port
Documentation services

Sea Freight is suitable for a wide range of goods, including large and heavy items that cannot be transported by air, such as machinery, vehicles, and construction equipment. It is also ideal for goods that are not time-sensitive, as it can take longer than air transportation but is more cost-effective.

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